Ahead of Telecoms Tech World this week, Eurotech’s Tim Taberner talks about the importance of future-proofing investment in M2M

Tim Taberner

As the world of smart connected devices and cloud computing converge the ability to collect and use data to advance a business is becoming more crucial than ever with M2M inevitably playing a key role in that.

However the ability to future-proof is key, according to Tim Taberner, Product Strategy Manager at Eurotech, who will be exhibiting at Telecoms Tech World next week. The company will be promoting its M2M integration Everyware Cloud platform at the show, enabling the integration of distributed devices with business enterprise applications.

“Over the years we have always differentiated ourselves by reducing our client’s time to market by adding value-on products,” says Taberner. “We are now able to offer users an embedded remote solution that when you switch it on inherently can connect to a cloud-based integration platform which we will manage,” he says. “This makes it easy to move data to the cloud and from there to a whole range of applications and stakeholders,” he says.

Taberner says that the company’s new solution goes against the siloed systems of the past and allow for greater interactivity and flexibility since systems can effectively be monitored via a system similar in concept to Twitter hashtags. “Instead of user having to know specific details of a device to access its information, the devices perform the equivalent of sending a tweet on a particular hashtag. This means users or applications can come along and say I’m interested in that hashtag – such as the temperature on all my busses – and have just that information delivered to them. It provides a very flexible way for diverse systems and actuators to interact with each other,” says Taberner.

That in itself offers a more scalable, future-proofed architecture, he says, “It’s essentially building blocks for the Internet of Thing.” And that alone is set to drive the market forward, according to Taberner. “There’s a lot of buzz in the industry about the Internet of Things but there’s a lot of people that when you talk to them they start talking about a silo solution. We break that mould and start to optimise not just individual processes but entire eco-systems. With this for example we can start to correlate and investigate at what ambient temp people stop taking buses and move to cars or how the distribution of passengers on a train varies with other conditions. It is an enabling technology for that Internet of Things dream,” he says.

A number of applications are already in use using Eurotech’s technology, according to Taberner. “We have applications in reverse vending where you recycle old coke cans and bottles and get tokens to spend in the store, applications in security and applications in people and passenger counting,” he says.

Find out more from Eurotech at the show.

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